Are you an online business owner looking to integrate some best practices in your business that can help you meet the challenges and add value? Especially, if you are a startup business, then time is a crucial factor and you will be looking for dedicated developers to hire. Today’s enterprises go the greatest depths to hire developers who can perform front end, back end and also database programming. But before you hire your developers in India, it is very important to know the characteristics in your candidate. Positive attitude: A great software developer will always be positive and willing to take that extra step to get the job done and bring their best every day. When you need to bring your product to the market by the deadline, then your dedicated resource should step up and get the product released timely. They should care for their clients and deliver the project within time. Supreme communication skills: Good communication skill helps to directly correlate with the development skills. Your dedicated developer should be able to understand the problems clearly and then break them down into hypotheses and suggest solutions in a coherent manner. Their concepts should be very clear and should also have the ability to speak and understand multiple languages and be comfortable with documentation in English. Great at time and task management: Your dedicated developer team should be highly reliable and they should follow a strong work ethic and be able to attend the meetings on time. An important skill to consider is their ability to estimate the amount of time they would need to complete the task, communicate and deliver on time. Good dedicated resources are great at managing the clients too. Quick learning ability: Your developers should also be amazing self-learners and have the ability to learn latest technologies on their won. They should be able to pull disparate bits of information and process it easily. They should also be able to find different resources, talk to the right person and find solutions to different problems. Where can you find dedicated developers? There is a wide range of services that you may use to find your dedicated developers. There are various ways by which you can hire really talented developers: Offshore software development companies. Even if you are not aware of a particular company or country, you can search the internet to find top software development companies that offers dedicated programmers for hiring. You can search the internet with “hire dedicated developers” keyword or use “outsource software development” and so on. When you choose one of a few companies you can check their profile, their case studies, experience and then make a selection. It is better to choose a company that is already in the market for a few years because it can show the real potential of the company. Hire freelancers: You can also consider some freelancing developers to work for your project. They have their profiles on various specific websites and you can contact them. There are also many job boards and platforms that you can use to find some good developers and the most popular platforms are Toptal, UpWork, Stack Overflow and etc. In addition to using freelancing services, you can visit meetups or conferences where talented specialists are participants and speakers. Since good and responsible developers mostly attend such meetups, you can get in touch with them in such seminars or meetings.