Today, Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms used by businesses and developers across the globe. The reason for its immense popularity is its unmatched features, flexible nature, and its user-friendly interface. When it comes to building an e-store, the first option that comes to mind is Magento. Managing products and everything on an eCommerce site is easy and convenient with this platform. With all these plus points of Magento, an increase in demand for this platform has been seen over these few years. An expert Magento developer of Sydney has said that there’s no other platform that can satiate the eCommerce business needs so well as Magento. But, it’s true as well that a developer has to be expert in a few skills to end up with successful e-stores every time. There are so many things to know about this platform and be a master in it. So, let’s talk about the skills a Magento developer should have here. In-depth knowledge about the platform: In-depth knowledge of this platform is a must. If a developer knows each and everything about the platform, creating eCommerce sites for businesses won’t be difficult at all. The professional must have sound knowledge of the extensions, back-end, front-end, the themes, plugins, and everything else for building sales-driven and custom-oriented stores. Should be an expert in creating custom CMS themes: A Magento developer should have the ability to create custom CMS themes with this platform as per the client’s requirements. With the rise in demand for CMS software, a gradual rise in developing themes for different CMS software has been seen. A customised CMS theme is important for an eCommerce site as it helps to keep the site design unique and relevant to the brand. This again helps to attract more customers to the store thereby increasing sales. Widget development skills are essential: A Magento developer should possess widget development skills. Widgets of an eCommerce site help to make the store look more innovative and attract more people. Ability to convert PSD to XHTML: A Magento developer must have the ability to convert files from PSD to XHTML. This skill helps a lot in both the designing and development aspects of an e-store. Knowledge of JavaScript is must: A Magento developer should also have sound knowledge of JavaScript apart from having an expertise in the MVC and CMS frameworks. With this, a developer can easily add and integrate custom functionalities in eCommerce sites. SEO knowledge is essential: Optimised eCommerce sites always rank high on the SERPs. This is the key reason to gather SEO knowledge when it comes to building e-stores with Magento. eCommerce integration: E-Commerce integration is essential to end up with a successful store. E-Commerce integration automates the entire workflow and eradicates data redundancy and processes thereby saving a lot of time. Adding functionalities according to the latest Magento trends also becomes simple with proper eCommerce integration. All these skills make a developer expert in Magento. If you are a newbie to this platform, start building and learning these skills to ensure sales-driven sites every time.