Since the data wipe for laptops have become available the trend of reselling the used computers and laptops has also gained momentum. More and more people are today offering their old and used laptops for sale which they otherwise stored at home. With the availability of used laptops for sale that too the ones that have good quality, more people are coming forward to buy the same at the prices that they can afford. However, there are certain things that you to keep in mind before you purchase one. Here are the tips to buy second hand laptops. Identify your needs a little accurately You need to be very clear about the purpose for which you wish to use the laptop. Depending on this you can keep in mind the minimum RAM as well as CPU that the laptop you are about to purchase must have. Also, you need to ensure that the device has a lithium ion battery if you want to use it unplugged. The speed of the laptop is determined largely by the RAM. Undergo the proper inspection You need to inspect certain thins prior to buying the used laptop. Check the case as well as chassis and the corners of the case for these cause squeakiness having the potential to disintegrate it. Also, you need to look at the conditions of the screen, in case it flickers or it has the uneven brightness then do not buy the same. It signifies the loose connections in addition to a faulty backlight. Also look for the stuck or the dead pixels, implying the white spots on screen. Look for any sort of damage or the irregularities on the keyboard or the track pad. Get informed about proper software documents plus licenses You need to get the original software CDs and the recovery CD, in addition to the drivers as well as the operation manual. Also, make it a point that you transfer all the remaining warranty that is left for the laptop in your name. You should also ask the seller show you the connectivity by simply dialling into the ISP for the Internet connection. Also, look and check the USB slots that are available in the laptop. All in all, these are the tips to buy second hand laptops that will provide you safety and more security. If you wish to crack a good deal then this is a mist for you. using and keeping all these tips in mind you will be able to fetch a laptop that will not only cost you a reasonable price but at the same time will also help you to satisfy all your motives of having it bought at the first place. Above all, though not a tip but the suggestion, you must go in for purchasing the ones that belong to one of the reputed brands so that you have a certain degree of trust and faith in the same.