As mobile phone has become a common gadget for every person, people take decision desperately and mostly they get upset soon. When the time of buying a mobile phone comes, we get impatient and take the wrong decision. Actually there are lots of things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a phone. Most of the people make mistakes as they don’t have proper knowledge and idea about the fact. Don’t worry, you would get to know about those important facts, says a mobile phone repair expert in Southampton. Have a look into the below write up and know what experts are saying about it. What Is Your Purpose Before you buy a new mobile phone you need to know your purpose better. Once you get to know it, lots of issues would be solved. You can pick up the best suitable model and can utilize it in the best way. So, know whether you are purchasing it just for taking calls, gaming, business purpose or just as a fashionable item. What Budget Do You Have? Another problem that most of the people face is the budget. If you don’t; fix it well in advance, you can’t get best value for your money. As per experts, it is better to go for high-end phone of a less reputed brand, then to choose low end phone of a reputed brand. While you are buying an electronic item, you should never think about saving your money. A low quality phone would make you face lots of issues in future. What Best Features You Can Get Apart from fashion purpose, pay special attention to the specific sections and compare them with other models minutely. It can be that you can avail more efficient features in some other models. Be practical and choose the best you can afford. Go for EMI instead of Full Payment Most of the people choose low budgeted phone as they cannot afford the money at a time. Why don’t you opt for EMI? It makes you able to choose a better product without being a burden on your budget. Some brands also offer EMI payments without interest, say the mobile phone repair experts in Southampton. Plan for Insurance It’s a sophisticated gadget and any damage can be costly. So, it is better to insure it so that you can claim free repairing and servicing in emergency.