Technology has taken over the world these days. We use technology for everything right from traffic lights, cars, phones, laptops etc. It enables us to do things quickly and efficiently making life much easier than before. Mobile phone and laptops users have also increased than before many folds. Due to rise in users there is also steep rise in Mobile phone repairs business as they require at least two services in a year. People prefer using high end gadgets that are affordable these days. Repairing business requires technical knowledge for gadgets. With technological advancements new avenues have opened in the repairing industry. Similarly Laptop repair business is also flourishing these days due to rise in laptop user these days as laptop at least requires one service in every two years. This creates a demand for trained professionals to cater various demands of mobile phone and laptop users, who can detect the problem quickly to repair it. The scope of career is very high these days as non-availability of trained professional. People are willing to get their high ends devices repair at any cost as they had already invested a huge amount in buying the product itself. Such places where there is a shortage of trained professional Mobile and Laptop repair business is highly profitable and is in a great demand. If you see it overall there is huge scope in this field. Technological innovation and developments in gadget world has led to ample amount of scope to flourish in this field and there is variety of avenues from chip design to manufacturing components to assembling parts. The repair industry has grown by leaps and bounds due to cheaper and more reliable internet services in recent years increasing popularity of gadgets. Service industry is always in demand where there is no saturation and technology services are in great demand with increasing number of users. A successful student completing these repair courses can be placed at reputed service centre and earn a decent living. It is a good way of self-employment too. Such technical knowhow of repairing business opens the door of opportunity for the individual venturing into the business of repair business of gadgets where you only need your instruments, skills and a proper place to sit in the market. These days’ problem like screen breaking or such issues are common, such mishaps are possible during handling such gadgets be it mobile or laptops. Such devices have become indispensable part of our lives for staying connected with our loved ones and rest of the world. Any issues with them requires a reliable professional having expertise in repair to fix the problem. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry that requires minimum investment to start. The mobile phone repair business is great for low capital business owners and offers customer convenience. You can expand your business further by gaining referrals from existing customers. Thus, word of mouth publicity works for this kind of business. This great way to be self dependent and start new entrepreneurial venture of your own. Repairing courses is the simplest and easiest way out for users and companies for quality services. Students pursuing courses on repairing make money within few weeks of training. After completion of the training students can join the reputed repairing centre or can start on his own entrepreneurial venture.