Did you know that Laptop Chargers are just as substantial as the batteries in your laptop? But, what if you don’t have an efficient charger that replenishes the battery power of your laptop? Of course, the whole system becomes useless. So it’s really important to give a little care of your chargers as well. Here are few tips that would help in maintaining your laptop chargers in perfect condition: Unplug Charger when not in Use: As soon as you finish your work, unplug the charger from power socket to prevent damages due to overheating. Avoid Over-Usage: Indiscriminate usage may lead to severe damage of laptop battery/charger. Hence it is always advisable to disconnect the charger from the laptop as well as power socket, once the battery has been fully charged. Storage and Transportation: Store your chargers in a secure place and keep it away from water even when it is not in use. And always remember to carry your chargers in the front compartment of your laptop bags. Check Your Charger Cords: Check the adapter cords regularly to keep the laptop and battery safe. You can also check the adapter light (it blinks when the charger is ON) to make sure that your adapter is in proper working condition. Place it on the right Surface While using the charger for a long time, do place it on a surface that consents it to cool. Make sure that the charger wire doesn’t come in contact with friction as it may result in tearing of the wires. Nowadays, instant draining of battery power is one of the common issues among laptop users. A laptop that is run for about 8-9 hours continuously in a day has a life span of about 2-3 years, but it’s even shorter in case of a charger. So, don’t let your laptop charger let you down! In case you need a replacement for your laptop charger, look for the most effective and versatile products and make sure it is compatible with your device. And most importantly, buy only branded laptop accessories, whether you check it online or at stores nearby.