Use laptop on daily basis? Then you should read the text below to know whether you make any of these mistakes. Laptop repair experts in Southampton are here to help you. Using Wrong Cleaners While cleaning your laptop, you should never use wrong cleaners. Don’t apply water directly on it or anything that is not meant for it. Always choose cleaners that are made for laptop cleaning and select the high quality one. Any improper product can cause damage to your device. Being Harsh on It Many people behave very rudely with their computers. While cleaning, they put pressure and rub harshly, apply harsh products, keep the device carelessly and so on. All these are very dangerous for the machine. They can break it or can cause internal haemorrhage. So, be gentle to it and it will last long. Keeping It Unprotected When you are not using it, make sure to keep it in a safe and protected place. Many of us after using it put it on the desk or on the bed carelessly. May mishap can take place. You can stumble and both you and your asset can be injured. Several types of pests like ant, worm and even termite also can attack it. Coffee, water or any liquid can spill over it causing deadly damage. So, no matter how busy you are, always keep your laptop in a safe place after using it. Using It While It’s Raining and Thunder Storming Operating your laptop while it is raining with thunderstorm outside is very risky. As per laptop repair specialists in Southampton, you should unplug your device in such situation. If mishap happens, your device would be harmed on permanent basis. So, keep the device unplugged and switched it off. Unplugging the Charger Suddenly You have two options to detach your laptop from the charging point. You can unplug the charging wire form the electric board and it is the safest option. And some laze people detach the charging wire from the laptop while the other part of the wire is still connected to the energy board. The sudden fluctuation of power will hurt your PC. Lowering the Screen without Switching It Off No matter whether it is your personal laptop or professional, you should never bend the monitor without shutting the device properly. Putting Pressure on It While carrying in your bag or while storing the laptop, make sure not to out any item on it. A slight pressure can injure the screen and the keyboard.