There is a sudden increase in new web and mobile applications over the world. These are developed so frequently almost on weekly basis. Innovation is the key to survival; so keeping this concept in mind many of new design trends are coming into the scenario. These are enabled with better features. The main factor is the pricing of apps which play a major role; as the user are price sensitive. They cost either free or few dollars only. The basic target of these app developer to available for everyone and get them user of their developed app. These cover a variety of things which enable users to stay productive. This includes actual applications geared to drawing, taking notes, typography and image correction and many such more tools and applications. IPhone applications are generally a big extension to the workflow of every professional app developer. After few study and research the best iPhone designers London are projecting a huge collection of such web applications to help manage files, read messages, send across business cards to choosing a color and changing it amongst other functions. This is the exclusively selected list of applications which are used around the world by the app designers 1. iDesign This is one of the best applications similar to a mini pocket illustrator without the tag of Adobe attached to it. If you are looking forward to using an application specifically for designing and drawing purposes then this is the perfect tool. It is a user-friendly application and allows users to make a 2D illustration with technical drawings. This can be used with a stylus without having to worry about finger obstruction. It is cost effective as it has various features, for example, multiple layers, iCloud support, multi-touch zoom and much more. So it is a good application for everyone. 2.AIR Sharing This enables users to mount their iPhone or iPod as a wireless drive on any computer. Now you can easily drag and drop your files between your iPhone and your computer. This is one of the highly recommended by the best iPhone designers London. Additionally users have the facility to view their files and manage them on the iPhone in many popular file formats. Upon downloading the application, view shows the files saved in the software. If you have been looking for a way to transfer your files, Air Sharing is pretty much one of the must-have downloads. 3.ZeptoPad This application gives you the privilege to scribble your ideas, sketches, mindmap, design on the iPhone screen and change it on the spot. With this application, you can even drag and move your text at any time, cut and paste or resize it as well. In other words if you can imagine it, Zeptopad can plan it out for you. This is one such application that can bring life into your ideas and is used by the best iPhone designers London. It is your invaluable assistant and just as you might jot down notes on a scrap of paper, in the same manner it enables you to give your ideas a shape and clarity. 4.FontBook As the name suggest this application falls in the category of font and typography. If you want to carry along the Original Typeface Compendium, this application will suit your needs. It has a plethora of resources that will give you access to about 36,734 typefaces from about 8038 families. In the version created for iPhone, you will be able to use new filters, searches and lists which can put your focus to a more practical one. It has been awarded with many prestigious awards. The best iPhone designers London have said that this app gives extensive content over numerous typeface samples which can be intuitively spread out, searched, layered, moved, scrolled and combined like a collection of maps. 5.ColorSchemer This app can improve your designs to a whole new level with the various color choices it offers. You can hence turn on your iOS device into a color palette. It gives you access to over 1 million color palettes to choose from. If you want to use an image as the centerpiece to your new website and you didn’t know what colors to include, this app will randomly choose up to 10 different colors from the image. This can then be used to fill out the color palette in your webpage. The best iPhone designers London have put ahead this app to be the most sought after one. 6.Fuzel The best-added feature that most apps today offer is that they allow you to do things you once thought you were unable to do. It is a simple, fun application that can transform your pictures from being boring to share worthy ones within minutes. It allows users to make collages apart from adding animations and music. Furthermore, it has an auto beat detector with three video length options, auto, manual, and Instagram. The best iPhone designers in London have highly rated this product. Users can also fully customize hundreds of available layouts with this app, along with embedded assets like that of stickers and patterns. 7.Inkflow Visual Notebook This app targets to make its users more productive. It has been defined as a word processor for visual thinkers. It helps to organize and rearrange your thoughts in a more productive way that matches your thinking flow. It can further give you have full resolution zoom to your notes. You can as well export your work into PDF’s, JPEG’s with higher resolution and share them in a number of various ways. It feels like a smooth fountain pen and is a great option for expressive writing, prototyping layouts, sketching and drawing. Conclusion Numerous free applications are available for download for iPhone users which are best in class. Be that as it may it is always advisable to get your homework done before proceeding with downloading. Missing from the above-mentioned list are apps and features that are pre-installed on the iPhone. The mentioned list of apps is for those consumers who use their mobile phone more than only to call. These applications have been designed by some of the best iPhone designers, after much research, who has laid the foundation for more inspiring work in the web development forum.