Before graphic designing was invented printer is used to print the words and produce information and posters wood cuts were use to produces images or print pictures but in modern days now you can print pictures along with text also.In early days there high quality striking posters were in demand for theatre posters used to advertise the theatre which was the first step towards the revolution of graphic designing. In mid 90’s the rapid growth of cinema industry needed the high quality advertising posters to attract the crowds, a form of Mass communication is developed like magazines in which picture with text prints to communicate with their audience. Televisions also played a vital role in industry so colour photography developed and become trend to capture high quality colour images for printing press and for the advertising posters. So what really graphic design service is? Graphic designing is a form communication or delivering a message via visual images and text (words), sometimes communication can be delivers just with visual images and sometimes with just words. Words are designed by graphic designers is called fonts, a designer who draw fonts in graphic designing is called typographer. Visual images are the main part of graphic can be realistic and abstract, various materials and technical skills are needed to draw a visual image in graphic designing, drawing a visual image is the most difficult part in graphic designing. In Asia countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and specially India took graphic designing to its next level as their cinema industry grow rapidly. Pakistan is the second largest cinema industry in Asia after India so Graphic designing services in Pakistan is in demand and growing fast , various universities now offering different graphic designing programmes and diplomas four year bachelors in mass communication degree offered by all the universities in Pakistan. Becoming a designer is not a hard thing to do but creating master pieces and inventing or delivering your art in form of text and visual images is not a piece of cake for everyone. You need to have expertise and experience of drawing images and fonts to create an attractive moving image or a poster to attract the viewers. Skills you need to become an expert in graphic designing are following; Functions Tools and techniques Target market Layout Visual images Moving picture Fonts