Graphic designing is a visual communication something that can be communicate with just text and visual images, visual images can easily perceived in minds of viewer rather than text or audio communication it’s a human nature we are attracted to bigger things, colorful things and things that are unique and interested for example if there are two billboards on the road one is bigger in size with big images bigger billboard attract more eyes compare to small billboard Point to explain this example that graphic designing is a platform to communicate with the audience through images and typography Typography is an art of controlling words and its meaning it’s an important skill every graphic designer should have along with image making. Image making is an exciting area of graphic designing in which ideas become realities in form of graphic images colures layouts and font of words does matter a lot when designing a poster or image, why graphic designing? How it affect people’s life and what benefits you can take from designing? All these questions comes in the mind of every person who are new to this field well in this article I will explain why you should consider graphic designing for your business promotion and as a career and what benefits you can achieved from it let’s start with business how it can help in your business, Commercial marketing is been growing so fast introducing new ways of promotions like televisions adds print add and so on graphic designing plays important role in promotion of any brand or whatever your business you want to deliver your message without saying anything than graphic designing is for you ,you can see movie posters are used to promote movie and catch audience to watch movies magazines used visual images along with article to keeping their readership engaged and interested hence graphic designing plays a vital role in bringing up a brand to world and becomes identity of brands in form of logos. If you love art and designing and want to start graphic designing than just go for it without hesitation graphic designers are in high demands getting high salaries also working online as freelancers, showbiz industries growing rapidly and visual effects used in most of the movies now days. Important skills of graphic designers are Communication skills Creativity skill Computer skills Analytical skills