These issues have led to the rise in the use of computers for the purpose of record keeping. These days the organisations use databases for the purpose of storing and retrieval of data. The data can be related to different things like, accounts, staff management, amount of import & export, production costs, sales and many other things. A databank is also very necessary for the different banks. In these cases the storage devices are integrated with the bank’s website. This is required because the customers’ can access the sites for viewing account information and also the employees need to access the data bank through the site for the purpose of account keeping. Making such a device is one thing but a much more important aspect is the maintenance of it. It is often seen that when the amount of information stored is a very small amount, there is no problem in using it. However the problem starts when the data that is stored starts to increase. For that reason it is very important to take into consideration different things like interoperability and scalability. In this way not only will the device be capable of storing large amount of information and retrieval of it would be an easy process but different employees would also be able to access the storage unit for varied purposes. Nowadays different companies are integrating their website with its database and this is a very useful process. In this way the customers can visit the website to see any type of information without having to physically go to the office. The database systems Perth firms are capable of doing all these things and in this way it would be beneficial to both the clients and the company. There are many types of databank systems that are used nowadays. They are all different in the sense of their use and purpose. For example a contact management system of a company would have different types of contact details and other information about the organisations and persons it does business with, like name, contact number, address, mail id etc. The different types of developers are capable of using varied types of systems for marketing management, sales management, customer service, tracking history, email management and other types.