MS Word is an alternative of writing in digital world. This software has totally changed the format of writing in today’s world. Accordingly to its work it has been rigged with latest and required features that make the work of writing both easy & enjoyable. But as good & bad go hand in hand there are some drawbacks of this unique software. Lack of Diversity- Diversity here stands for the accessibility of MS word. When you make corrections in MS Word it only allows you to make in the file you are working. If you have to rectify words in multiple documents then you will have to take help of some find and replace software. Lack of this feature in MS word stands as a demerit for it. Formatting Options- Another demerit of MS word. If you wish to change the font of the words then you will have to individually select words for font alteration. A good search and replace tool can be very advantageous at this stage. Words Saving- Presume that you have to utilize the changed words or replaced words in near future. In that case you don’t have any option here for this particular purpose. It may happen that you need to change those words again & again and may face difficulty in that. Lack of these options sometimes makes the task difficult when being executed in large number. MS word is employed for writing all over the globe but due to deficiency of these features it lacks interest among individuals. To overcome this situation users need a tool that can find and replace in word in multiple .doc files. Along with that it should have all the required features like formatting, saving, etc. But the main thing it should possess is that it should have the capacity to handle infinite number of files in one go. The tool must have the flexibility to execute all extensions of word files. Last but not the least the tool should save the files where it has made changes in a different folder. A tool like this will change the perception for changing of words in MS Word files.