As we all know, technology evolves at a very rapid pace. The misconception is that this statement only includes cars, TV’s, and smartphones. These are all categories where manufactures continue to strive to make their products thinner, smaller, and faster. However, the rapid pace of technology has a huge trickle down effect that reaches all the way to you as a trader. You used to be able to trade on a simple computer with a minimal amount of RAM. Since that time, trading software has since grown to a level where the requirements are now much greater. The platforms used for trading have become much more robust. This means that it has a greater demand on your computer causing a need for much more RAM. In 2014, the minimum for RAM in a trading computer is at least 8 GB. However, this is the absolute minimum. Most successful traders would advise you install double that amount. The trend in trading technology is telling us to expect increased complexity in the future. This will also mean a greater demand for more RAM and faster trading computers. It is also important to know why having this amount of RAM is important for your trades. RAM is the short-term memory of your trading computer. This short-term memory will be used to allow your open programs to function efficiently. What happens if your computer runs out of available RAM? The next accessible form of memory your trading computer will use is your hard drive. You might be thinking that this is not an issue since you have available space on your hard drive. In Multi monitor trading computers, timing is everything. You need to be able to view real time data with out delay during your trades. When your computer has to use your hard drive in place of RAM this significantly slows down the functions of your computer. In fact, most often this will cause your computer to freeze or even shut down completely. The more RAM the better for your trading computer. With out this, you are putting yourself at high risk for data loss and missed executions. RAM is a very affordable piece of hardware. Consider purchasing more RAM for your current computer. If you are maxed out on the ability to expand your RAM, you should look at purchasing a new stock trading computer today. There is too much risk in not having the correct computer set up. This is a relatively small investment compared lost capital if you miss out on even just one great profitable trade.