Any type of power outage can be a complete nightmare for traders. This can mean a complete data loss on your stock trading computer or a missed execution. Imagine being in the middle of your trading day in finding the perfect trade, having done all of your necessary research. Then, without warning, your power suddenly goes out for only a few seconds. The good news is that your power isn’t completely down for the whole workday. Even those few seconds of an outage can cause enough damage to cost you a large capital gain. These types of short-lived outages are known as brownouts. However, this wasn’t enough time to create a huge headache for you to have to cleanup and recover from. In order to avoid this type of disaster, there are several simple steps that you can take to protect yourself from these situations. Invest in a battery backup. Whether you’re considering buying a new Multiple Monitor Trading Computer or already have an established computer, you need to make sure that your system is connected to a battery backup. These machines will allow you to stay powered for an extra amount of time in the event of a power outage. This system is similar to a generator for your home, except this is designed for your trading computer. These battery backups can offer you anywhere from several seconds to several minutes. This might not seem, at first glance, like it an enormous amount of time. In these situations you don’t need tons of time to make sure that you’re protected. It is often the case that even these few seconds can bridge the gap in the case of a particular type of outage called a brownout. These outages can often the last only a few seconds or minutes. While there might be instances where the battery backup might not cover the full extent of time the outage last for, you will still have a chance to quickly save your data and power down your day trading computer. This will give you an invaluable chance to save your data. Successful traders know that this is a small cost you pay in order to avoid any sort of data loss. In particular, if you were a day trader this can significantly affect your trading capital by causing you lost executions. In some cases you might have already set up stop losses, but if you didn’t have a chance to do this a battery backup will allow you to gain an extra time you need to ensure that you’re not going to encounter a loss.