What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a new-age revolutionary technology in the field of computer science that is revolutionizing the enterprises across numerous sectors. The rapid advancements in AI have made it become an integral part of our daily lives & business activities. Artificial intelligence is quiet contrast from natural intelligence by humans. AI sets its complete foucs towards presenting machines or computer systems with the abilities similar to our human brain. The smart applications & software solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence have become the need of the hour for the enterprises across the IT, Business, Healthcare, Automobile, Industrial, Government & several other sectors. The word “Artificial Intelligence” was first used by Alan Turing, who was a British code breaker during World War II. Today, smart AI applications like Chatbots, Virtual Digital Assistants, Smart robots, Healthcare Assistants etc have become an integral of our daily lives. . It is very difficult to put into words how artificial intelligence can change our lives, but you can get an idea of how it can impact your life and what it can do for you. What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology in the field of Computer Science which emphasizes the need for making smart computer systems that are capable of accomplishing the tasks & responding to the task in the way similar to our humans. It gives machines the ability to analyze & perform applications or tasks without much of human intervention. In the near future, it’s here to show the great effect and has good potential to create a change in the way human & machine interactions takes place. In simple words AI makes the machines & systems much more complex & ingenious. The major aspects of AI functioning include Learning Reasoning Self Correction Artificial Intelligence powered machines are even capable of exceeding human intelligence in the near future. We have already witnessed advanced computer programs that have defeated human in the chess game. Capabilities of AI Powered Systems- As mentioned earlier, AI presents machines the ability to learn & evolve on themselves without human interference. These smart machines are largely dependent on the data to better understand the situations & to make accurate decisions. These machines are capable of performing most of the monotonous tasks which are so far being handled by humans. If humans perform these tasks then it would be a lot tiring & may lead to many errors. But this isn’t the case with AI powered machines. These machines are capable of performing these tasks with the same precision level throughout. AI is the process of learning, processing and self-correction. Ai powered machines are also capable of making self-correction. As they perform any task repeatedly they can analyze the data to find smarter ways for performing the task. Rise In The Demand For Artificial intelligence- Since the past decade, the use AI has become increasingly prevalent in our day-to-day lives & business activities. Chatbots, Virtual Assistants in our smartphones are the best examples for AI in daily use. The applications of AI have extended to several other industries ranging from media, gaming to finance as well as in the field of robotics, quantum science, and medical diagnosis. How To Develop Skills In Artificial Intelligence? With the growing demand for the skilled experts in AI, many institutes have started delivering classroom & online based AI training programs. Analytics Path training institutes advanced AI Training In Hyderabad program is the perfect opportunity for the AI career enthusiasts to leverage real-world skills in AI that would help them in getting placed. The AI training program at Analytics Path is headed by expert trainers who have done their specialization from the reputed IITs & IIMs.