Birthday is the only day all throughout the year which makes the kids most excited so much as to give them an adrenaline rush, and along with it comes to the excitement of birthday presents. Wondering what to gift these young, budding ones. Well, the solution is here. Why not gift VR toys for kids or maybe some educational toys, which not only help them learn but also are fun. These VR technological innovations are not just for kids, but for all. Technological growth is the need of the hour. And the good news is that this need is being compensated really well. Whether it be the use of technology in simple things such as games or complex ones like military, defence, and medical fields, it is catering to the needs of each one. VR and AR technology are the two sides of the same coin. While they may seem different or feel different but are inter-related in more than one way. Virtual Reality creates the virtual environment completely making the individual immersed in it, while Augmented Reality stimulates the virtual world with the real one, superimposing computer-generated artificial images over objects. These VR and AR technologies have a lot of applications in the field of education and gaming at both the school and university levels. They provide an unparalleled experience to the students to immerse themselves in the world of learning. Unlike traditional methods, they help the students learn through practical and real-life experiences. VR and AR are helpful at the school level in the following ways: With the availability of VR toys for kids and educational toys, the kids can enjoy fun learning activities, which help in improving their perspective, cognitive and mental abilities. For the toddlers, these games act as a method of improvement of fine and gross motor skills as well. Videos are better than audios is a well-known fact. As such, learning through helps them feel, experience and imagine what they learn. With these ways, the kids can grasp the knowledgable facts faster as compared to classroom and book learning. VR and AR are helpful at the university level in the following ways: For the medical and science field students, they provide the advantage of being able to perform the practicals virtually without any risk of damage or experimental harm. It also helps them in better understanding with enhanced learning experiences. ClassVR is one of the well-known AR/VR solutions which can easily be installed in schools and colleges. It is quite an affordable set integrated with headsets, inbuilt camera and system, which can be controlled and operated by the teachers easily. Along with these various such systems and solutions are available and being developed which makes it easier for the parents as well to teach their kids in interactive ways. These solutions which are being developed are quite user-friendly and easy to operate and comprehend. Conclusion: Along with AR/VR technology, Artificial Intelligence is also being developed and will soon be in the limelight. As such, the day is maybe not far away when we will be taught by self-operated robots smarter than human beings. The new generation of technology has arrived and it is more vast and massive than one can even imagine.