Exceptional technological development with endless benefits Although 3D printing technology has been around for two decades, only in recent years has the use of this technology’s benefits in the medical world in general and surgery in particular.
The 3D printing technology has really paved the way in the medical world, and it is now being used for a variety of uses – they are already an integral part of the advanced medical equipment in various hospitals and clinics and being used for complex medical processes and procedures, strating with printing anatomical models used by surgeons for decisions making and surgery planning, disposable surgical instruments, Rehabilitation of bones and body parts, dentistry uses for procedures such as implant printing, and dental crown manufacturing, 3D modeling and 3D visualization for surgery results, implanting 3D printed joints, Removal of malignant bone tumors and joint replacement, CT and MRI in 3D models and many more.
In the recent years the 3D printing technology has even been more developed in the medical world, and the experts are already working on developments such as printing human organs and human tissues. From implants to human organs The use of 3D printers provides the doctors major innovative solutions in all aspects – From models that provide medical assistance to complex medical procedures, surgical preparations, advanced solutions for dentists, ear implants custom made for each patient, and many more. From outdated to innovative and efficient equipment Today, the tools for solving complex problems are obsolete and make a difficult time for surgeons to solve complex problems – printing a model of the organ with the tumor helps the surgeon plan the procedure more accurately, and even perform cutting and other functions on it, so that the surgery can be planned from the first cut to the end of the surgery. The experts even testify that this technology saved limb amputation in some cases. Not only in hospitals – 3D printers reached the hearing and dental fields Dentists begun using 3D printing technology to produce medical parts such as dental implants – the 3D printers help shorten and simplify the whole process as the drilling and wearing the brace is done in a completely computerized way, And in addition – the process is much more sterilized with less exposure to infections decreases, and the process also reduces costs. In the field of hearing and audio – 3D printed hearing aids can already be found in the market, And their main advantage is that it is possible to print them customized to the patient’s ear structure. These devices are also considered smart devices that can connect to TV, mobile and other advanced devices at home. From printing 3D models to tissue printing Today, 3D printing technology is already used to print blood vessels and blisters, And senior medical officials estimate that it will develop further in the future and will even lead to the possibility of printing personalized human tissues, And even more massive breakthroughs such as printing human organs. The vision of the senior medical professionals is to transfer all surgical procedures from 2D to three 3D, and to make them an integral part of the doctors’ routine so that they will be in every doctor’s computer.