Unless you’re living under a rock, the chances are that you have come across quite a few QR codes by now. These black and white square images, procured with the help of bulk QR code generators, can certainly go a long way in redefining your retail brand’s marketing strategy. Some of the biggest retail brands in the country have adopted this technology as a part of their product promotion and strategic initiatives. So, how do QR codes help increase customer engagement? To understand how bulk QR code generators help customer engagement – we first need to understand what this term exactly means. In layman’s language, customer engagement is the interaction between a customer and the internal management of the business or organization. This interaction can happen in various ways – social media conversations, product promotions, etc. A high customer engagement rate means that your retail brand is resonating more with its target audience and has managed to become a part of their daily life. This, in turn, helps a brand gain more recognition, sales, profits, and revenues. While customer engagement at retail outlets can be achieved in multiple ways, of late, many high-flying retail brands are resorting to applying QR codes on their marketing material to entice customers and boost sales. To the unintended, here are five simple ways in which your brand can follow suit as well. 5 ways to increase customer engagement at retail chain stores through QR codes Link the QR code to payment gateways: In today’s competitive world, a brand’s success wholly depends on the amount of ease it can provide to its consumers. With social distancing and cashless transactions coming into the picture, QR codes can serve as an easy and safe method for customers to make no-contact payments at your retail outlet. This will make shopping at your store a seamless and hassle-free experience, thus building a good reputation for your brand, which is what customer engagement strives to achieve at the end of the day. Store locator guide: Many times it so happens that the item you are looking for is not available at a particular outlet. With store locator guides in the form of QR codes, you can simply find another outlet of the same brand closest to your location by simply scanning a QR code on display at multiple places. This can be done with the help of a built-in store locator that is connected to the said QR code. By scanning the code, a customer can get information on the minutest detail about the product he is looking for and the closest branch near him. Thus, helping you retain customers and ensure he/she comes back for more, thanks to the brilliant and prompt consumer service offered. Driving traffic to the brand’s website: A website or eCommerce store with a substantial number of daily visitors is considered a good enough parameter to judge customer engagement on a website. Here, in an outlet, you can paste the QR code linking it to your website on the store’s front door. If a customer walks in post business hours or on a non-working day, they can simply scan the QR code and go to the brand’s website. This will help increase sales and revenue and satiate the customer’s emotional needs, and they will perceive the brand to be always available for them around the clock. QR codes for discounts: One of the primary unique selling points of a QR code is its ability to hide a message. One that can only be decoded by doing a specific activity. In this case, scanning the QR code. The golden rule of increasing consumer engagement in marketing is to ensure the happiness of the customer. Thus, comes in the concept of discounts. Embedding a discount coupon in a QR code is like providing a price or incentive to your customer to engage with you. A reward that would not be available to somebody who does not take the effort of scanning that code. This serves a two-pronged purpose – first, it makes your customer feel special and respected. Second, the scan counter on the QR code helps you measure customer engagement in quantifiable terms. Feedback: Last but not the least, feedback. To ensure that your customer engagement rate is at its highest at all times, there must be a well-oiled channel where they can speak to you at regular intervals. While it’s not possible for the management to personally reach out to each customer, one way you can measure a common consensus amongst your consumers is with feedback and recommendations. For this, you can integrate a feedback form with the QR code wherein your customer can provide feedback for the outlet and his experience with your product through a simple scan. Consequently, helping you grow on the customer engagement charts and ascertaining any issues that your customers may need to be attended to immediately. Conclusion In the form of QR codes, the digital world has finally got a safe, secure, and personalized technology. Moreover, obtaining these codes is not difficult. With the help of QR code generators, you can create bulk QR codes for your brand using a bulk QR Code generator that can then be displayed at all its stores to capture the pulse of your visitors. Further, linking these codes to your social media handle also gives your customers a wider forum to voice their opinion and speak to their peers. Consequently, making these black and white squares a relatively cost-effective marketing medium for the smartphone generation.